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Enjoy the Benefits of Essential Oils in Our Hand Sanitizer

Essential oils have been around forever and a day!  History tells us that ancient Egyptians used essential oils for scenting as well as medicine.  While fragrances are made in labs, essential oils come from nature such as fruit and plants.    The essential oils in our hand sanitizer have a wonderful natural citrus scent and work with the alcohol to leave your hands clean and not overly dry.  I love the fresh smell of citrus and knowing that it is non-toxic is even better! Citrus essential oils have many health properties including lifting your mood and reducing stress to providing antimicrobial activity. Clean and soft hands - a no brainer! Stay Safe! Peaches + Creamies      

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Goodbye 2020

Friends and Customers,  2020 has been a wild ride to say the least....  We thank you for your continued support! So many of you have suffered tremendous loss!  Please know that you are in our heart and thoughts and we wish you LOVE, HOPE and PEACE as we say 'Goodbye' to 2020 and 'Hello' to 2021. You are not forgotten You are resilient You are strong You are loved Please join me in extending a helping hand, a hug, your heart, and your prayers to those in need.   Peaches + Creamies  XO    

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Why Seek Out Natural Ingredients?

Clean Skincare?  Let's face it, when it comes to skin and overall health - Natural and Clean products may simply be safer than synthetic.  But what is the actual meaning of 'Natural' and 'Clean' in skincare? Clean & Natural Simply put, clean skincare is made without toxic ingredients and touted as a safe choice.  Natural skincare is using plant-based and other ingredients that are nutritious for the skin.  Natural skincare is nothing artificial, synthetic and ingredients existing in nature.   One problem with the new 'Clean Skincare' movement is that there really isn't a formal system that regulates natural or clean when it comes to skincare.  You may use something branded as 'Natural' and you are still getting a product that...

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