We've been wanting to bring you NEW products!

We have been wanting to bring you new products for some time and simply have had difficulty.  
Paid a visit to your favorite store lately?  Tried to order a product online that is either out of stock or the delivery timeframe is insane??

It’s been crystal clear that COVID-19 has created tremendous disruption to the overall supply chain.  Companies have struggled meeting on-time obligations due to securing products from their suppliers.  Suppliers are highly impacted due to changes in labor.  Labor changes include less labor due to employees contracting the virus, changes in labor configuration to lessen the risk, as well as many other issues.  Essentially, the end result is that customers like you and me are experiencing depleting stock on all sorts of products.  

We think we are close on receiving stock of our new orders such as containers and ingredients.  Please check back in with us soon!
We appreciate you ALL!
Stay safe and healthy!

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