Welcome to Peaches + Creamies!

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Welcome to Peaches + Creamies!

Peaches + Creamies is a dream a long time coming. Since I can remember, I have always loved skin essentials. I have tried so many body creams, hand creams, perfume oils, eye creams, scrubs…you name it, I’ve tried it! There are so many products that I truly love.  A few years back, I began to realize that my 2 amazing kids and the man of my dreams (hubby) desperately needed me. Although my career was very rewarding and taught me so much, it took me away from the things I cared about the most. Unfortunately, it took me years to really understand the impact. Being there for my family has given us many blessings! I couldn’t ask for a more fulfilling life!

I am so excited to have the opportunity to share my love of skin essentials with others, as well as giving me the flexibility to put my family first. Our products are packed with natural and organic ingredients, helping you feel fabulous inside and out! Yay! I hope you love these products as much as I do!! I spend my time researching new trends and products, product testing, learning new skills, along with giving my kiddos lots of hugs!

What’s in the name?

P+C is affectionately named after my sweet girl and my boy, who I have always called my Peaches + Creamies!
As the journey continues, I will be checking in to share what I’ve learned, what I LOVE and what’s next. I hope you will join me! I would love to hear your thoughts, your comments and your own stories about YOUR journeys!

All my best,